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  • The Empowered Pause Program - The Menopause Self-Care Toolbox

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Instructor Bio:

Hello My name is Diane and I’m a wife and mum to one amazing little girl; I am also in the perimenopause stage of menopause. In my personal journey to find ways to deal with a multitude of perimenopause symptoms, I discovered Sophrology. I had not come across this dynamic mind/body self-care practice before but once I tried it out, I could really see the benefits. Now it is an integral part of my daily life. Widely taught across Europe, there is only one authorised school of Sophrology in UK – The Sophrology Academy – where I studied for two years to attain my professional practitioner diploma. Now specialising in menopause self-care, I am very pleased to be able to exclusively share my skills and knowledge with women like you. Love Di x

Diane Wood